Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rebellion, resistance, renewal... or war?
LRC’s Karen Kwiatkowski (pronounced ‘Kitowski’), retired Air Force lieutenant colonel:
It occurs to me that when we speak of war, we often confuse justifiable resistance of people to evil with the propaganda-driven fiascos pursued by governments in order to consolidate or expand power, or to satisfy the corporate demands placed on politicians by the organizations, industries or cabals that helped elect them.
Good stuff here, including things familiar to ACBfP readers, of the banksters’ wars and the Protestants’ American exceptionalism (city on the hill, new enlightened chosen people... where SWPLs come from) and war, literally, on Catholic Europe and, virtually, on Catholic immigrants and their families (such as the president’s and HHS sec’s war on the church now).

I never knew this:
German socialists, fresh to America by tens of thousands as they fled their failed 1848 socialist revolution in Germany, were key in the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Their philosophy and statism demanded Lincoln’s prosecution of the war between the states. Lincoln’s efforts to redefine federalism, to nationalize, to stand above the Constitution, and to politically satisfy both his industrial monopolist and European socialist backers created that deadly war, where none was desired by the vast majority of people, in either the North or the South.

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