Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sunday called Quinquagesima: tempus fugit
Lent is almost here
  • The Kyrie and Sanctus were familiar. Ludovico da Viadana’s Missa ‘L’Hora Passa’: the Kyrie from the wedding High Mass in the opening credits of True Confessions.
  • Old school: the choir singing the Sanctus over the whole canon, breaking for the consecration and singing the Benedictus qui venit after.
  • You know you’re at Our Lady of Lourdes when at High or Sung Mass the sanctus bell is in stereo! Two, one on each side of the altar. I love it of course.
  • More of the best of Anglo-Catholicism: on top of the organ prelude and postlude and the processional and recessional hymns, before Mass, the (recorded?) bells playing ‘Daily, Daily’, and after, coffee hour in the undercroft.
  • Mgr Steenson says no to small high Lutheran church that wanted to be in the ordinariate: no quasi-corporate reception or ordination fast track but they can join individually. Because they’re not ex-Anglicans. They can be ordained under the Pastoral Provision.
  • SSPX boss Fr Schmidberger to official church in Germany: clean up your act. Quite right. Clown Masses are a largely imaginary conservative cliché complaint about liberals but in Catholic Germany (part of a Protestant turned secularist country) it seems some people got their cultural wires crossed, taking a nice non-liturgical thing related to the church (Fasnacht, their Carnival/Mardi Gras) and putting it in the liturgy where it doesn’t belong as has happened in some other places.
  • If I ever make it to a Carnival/Mardi Gras, music I’d like to hear: Babatunde Olatunji’s ‘Jingo’ as played by Carlos Santana.
  • Musician: insipid modern church music ‘karaoke’. See the Thomas Day factor and a recent NLM post. When faith and mainstream culture separated a few centuries ago, Catholic art went bad. The answer of course is to be liturgically minded again (Mass, office, chant) and things like the Other Modern (arts & crafts, art deco and jet/space age, but all Tridentine), not to adopt secular mainstream culture in church.

Ite, missa est.

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