Saturday, February 18, 2012

  • Comic libertarian character Ron Swanson. Sign that libertarianism is on the mainstream’s radar, like it or not? They can mock it (and inadvertently spread its message) but can’t ignore it.
  • ‘Pan Am’ future iffy. A bad time slot (?) – Sundays, 10 Eastern (but do most people still depend on that?), talk of low ratings, an earlier rumour of cancellation, long lapses between episodes, and last week’s leftover episode shown out of order. It isn’t Emmy bait (‘serious’) like ‘Mad Men’ (which is supposed to come back March 25, for a couple more seasons) nor a bad depiction. It gets the period right most of the time (Dean, get a haircut), has pretty entertaining stories (sure, mostly soap opera – so’s ‘Mad Men’ really) and of course beautiful women. (The hip, sassy one they want you to like, Maggie, I like the least.) Best story line: Kate the spy; that sort of thing... really happened in the Cold War. (Second best: Darren Pettie, Lee Garner from ‘Mad Men’, as the smuggler rogue captain; right age, right background, a WWII Army pilot.) Like a great show set in the same period, ‘Crime Story’, it looks like its run is being cut short. The only ABC show I watch; take away the Clipper Majestic (by the way one of my hats has a picture of a 707 in the lining) and her crew, 1963-64, and it’s adios.

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