Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three culture-wars stories
Part of libertarianism’s appeal is in it the so-cons and so-libs can get along, agreeing on the golden rule/do-no-harm principle, so it often takes a bye on the culture wars, but...
  • Interview with Wendy McElroy on feminism in America. From RR.
  • Marriage. One of the most bizarre things going on right now is the debate as to whether two men or two women can marry each other. We seem, in a strange fit of corporate mental illness, especially narcissism, to have forgotten what we are about. The purpose of marriage, from the beginning of human society, has been simple and straightforward. It is to ensure that men are responsible for the children they beget. Period. Should the state define marriage? It seems to me people will ‘do it’ (even educated fleas do it) regardless; humanity will go on. The libertarian answer: live and let live, don’t mind if you do (including joining or starting a church that claims gay marriage) but you can’t force us to play along. Libertarian duty alongside rights, for Mark: defending both the tiny gay minority’s right to live in peace and our right not to be forced to take leave of reality. From The Cavalier’s Commonplace Book.
  • The teacher and the N-word. Well-meant PC charity (Christian ethics derailed from Christian theology) gone haywire, predictably in a state school; another Huckleberry Finn news story essentially. Principal: context, idiot. Teaching kids who are ready for it about that word and its place in history is of course part of education.

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