Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Eunomia on Israel
The US capital is not Tel Aviv. Also, a long side trip to Britain.
  • The oddity of the relationship. By the way how does the special relationship no longer serve British interests? It’s an interesting, twisted history; they used us; we use them: how British spies seduced (sometimes literally, targeting important people like politicians and publishers, or James Bond was based on true stories) America into WWII; Britain reduced to Airstrip One (the war destroyed the empire, or did it? ...was its HQ’s move to Washington long planned, since WWI?); the neocons’ professed love of the relationship, using it to use the British, sending Airstrip One troops as auxiliaries in their foreign-war misadventures (a kind of British conservative liking it as the empire riding again, which is in a way true). As it stands, because of that last part, the relationship might not be the best thing. (The British being used and not just to harshly judge Americans on game and makeover shows.) But arguably it needs course correction, not scrapping. Better a Britain that’s part of a peaceful (trading with all, but yes, protected by American muscle) Anglosphere (not the way it’s run now) than run by Brussels or Berlin? But is a German-run Continent necessarily bad? Maybe not. (UK = Anglosphere with America; Western Europe = Germany; Eastern = Russia.) But the British historically are independent from Europe, a good thing. (In the political, subsidiarity sense, not the spiritual one of the Protestant break with Catholic Europe. Britain as Liechtenstein?)
  • Conflating US and Israeli interests.
  • Allies and client states. Joke: why doesn’t Israel apply for US statehood? Only two senators and not 100.

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