Thursday, March 08, 2012

  • Envy looking west. From Takimag. Unemployment is falling in the US, where wealth creators such as Mark Zuckerberg are generally applauded rather than denounced. I don’t think anyone in Congress has as yet approached Zuckerberg to help him push through legislation favorable to Facebook. This is the simple difference between the old and new continents. Obama and those who voted to lift the debt limit should be stars in the eyes of the Brussels gang, but they are disliked for not having lifted it enough. Far removed from the Brussels power gangs, young Europeans often praise Ron Paul. They agree with his calls to halt the endless wars and to legalize drugs. Europe takes Uncle Sam for granted and refuses to share in military expenditures. Europe’s two most important military powers, Britain and France, no longer have the capabilities to execute an overseas military operation. Argentina could invade the Falklands tomorrow, and Britain would have to ask Uncle Sam for a carrier, as their last one was recently decommissioned. They’re planning to build more ski-jump carriers (if they can afford it), which only makes sense when you’re literally an island and have people to defend in the Falklands. (Geography notwithstanding, the British have the only real claim to the place; they live there and the Argentines don’t.)
  • Iceland considers adopting the Canadian dollar. From RR.

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