Thursday, March 22, 2012

From Joshua
  • Credo in communionem sanctorum sed non in Rick Santorum. Goes without saying. I don’t hate the man like the establishment wants me to, like Modestinus I understand his appeal, like I see the appeal of Daniel Nichols’ Dorothy Dayesque Christian white-knight ideals (trying to be charitable by adopting elements of the left), but politically no to both. (Of course there’s more to Catholic morals than sex, religion’s not just for Sunday, etc., but the church doesn’t micromanage – it’s not a cult – and there’s no such thing as Catholic physics or economics.) Freedom in which the church and people flourish (secular state, not secularist like Obama’s and Britain’s), not the sanctified welfare state of ‘Catholic social teaching’ be it run by a king, a dictator, European Christian-democrat socialists or the few pro-life Dems all trying to control the economy and promote family values, however true and well-meant. (And to their credit, right about just war and peace.) Libertarianism minus Ayn Rand? To which the super-trads would call me a lib and thus part of the church’s problems, and the left, inasmuch as they know or care about the church, might try to get my goat by calling me a dissenter, like the Modernists and neocons. That’s OK. In real life I just keep going to the traditional Mass, singing the Credo and meaning it, and nobody says boo. And that’s great.
  • ‘Prospects for a Right-Left Alliance in the Fight Against Empire.’ Interesting article from stalwart Kelley Vlahos on truly liberal liberals (like gentleman Dennis Kucinich who lost his bid for re-election), and long one of Joshua’s interesting talking points (what if the rednecks, John Birch Society and early, clean-cut, Carl Oglesby SDS had sat down and talked to each other, or Easy Rider is a conservative movie; I’ve never seen it), but I’ve been to enough antiwar marches (and to an Occupy camp) to know the answer: pretty dim. Kind of cute when they’re out of power and poor, the left aren’t our friends.

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