Friday, March 09, 2012

Why would the rulers of today’s world care about public Christianity, heterosexual marriage, and freedom from infanticide in one small European backwater? Because they always fear a return of the ancien régime, no matter how inconspicuous it may appear. And given the Hungarian government’s two-thirds majority, it apparently represents the views of their countrymen.

While Hungarians have a tortured historical relationship with their neighbors, they resemble them in many ways. There are many – perhaps a majority of – Slovaks, Poles, Slovenes, Croats, and others who would agree with the constitution’s social provisions. Therein lies the danger for the moral munchkins in Brussels and Washington. Eastern European national identities are supposed to be slowly eroded through EU membership. But what if Hungary succeeds in saving herself culturally and demographically and her neighbors follow her lead?
Same reason the Modernist munchkins went beyond the Thomas Day factor and quickly and thoroughly suppressed the old Mass and even architectural reminders of it 40 years ago.

From Takimag.

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