Thursday, March 01, 2012

Locally, a sweet little English Gothic church is endangered

Near where I used to live so it’s where I used to vote (including for Pat Buchanan in the ’96 primary). It was some kind of Baptist; my guess is mainline American Baptist. If not for the depression and the archdiocese’s iffy finances I’d like to see this or something like it (the closed Episcopal church in my town, here since the town began 100+ years ago, already fitted for Catholic worship with a fine ad apsidem altar) become the Philly home of the ordinariate (Fr Ousley and St Michael’s, and the Catholic group that left Good Shepherd), a reconstituted, Catholic Good Shepherd. (Not sure how good the parking is but Our Lady of Lourdes gets by with street parking.)

Reminds me of medieval English cities where anybody could walk to Mass from home to little stone parish churches every few blocks.

Like the Crystal Cathedral (magnificent building but a preaching barn unsuited for Catholic worship) becoming a real cathedral in a few years (I think the sale’s done), better to see it remain a Christian house of God than its architecture in secular use (creepy, semi-blasphemous).

Pictures from here.

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