Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tradition is sexy
Dorothy via Hilary, against:
... what I like to call the “Confessional Frump look”.

Money quotes:
I suppose girls and women don these things as a sort of modesty uniform, a sartorial placard reading “I am a chaste and modest woman who would not have shoddy, unthinkable affairs with local tradesmen while you are at work.”

Modesty is a good and noble thing, but it is all the sweeter when it is subtle. The virgin who reminds people constantly that she is a virgin is not as modest as the virgin who keep her mouth shut on such a personal subject.

If a man wants back all the beauty, romance and fittingness of the Mass before 1963, he might very well want back all the beauty, romance and fittingness of men’s fashion before 1963. And if he is that interested in men’s fashion before 1963, imagine how he thinks women should dress. The Well Dressed Woman of 1948 was not wearing what Americans call a jumper, people.

You should not be thinking Laura Ingalls Wilder; you should be thinking Veronica Lake.

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