Monday, April 16, 2012

Are there any pre-modern models of social order that you would support using as a model or an ideal toward which to direct society today?
Owen at Modestinus, from here:
And if so, how, or, rather, what would the outline of the transition look like? And if not, what new or hybrid model/ideal of social order would you support?

With regard to the question of whether or not traditionalists (of varied sort) are moderns I think we have to ask, do they actually propose something that would, if effected, constitute a real break from modernity? But the question that goes hand in hand with that is the question – how do they propose we get from here to there? If there is no viable way to get out of modernity, or no plausible thesis presented, then isn’t it correct to refer to even those who rage against modernity as still nonetheless moderns?

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