Sunday, April 08, 2012

  • The usual here, which is wonderful. Sun’s out, trees and other plants blooming, and in church, Sung Mass with soaring melismatic chant, polyphony, two Anglican hymns and the organ.
  • Fr L’s four quick arguments for the resurrection.
  • Modernism from Takimag? Of course not all conservatives are believers (and most libertarians aren’t?). Isn’t this indifference normal in the élite Taki belongs to? First, this is not news. The New Testament’s been here a long time. There seem three ways to go with the issue here, the Catholic including Orthodox way, the Modernist and mainline way, or the fundamentalist (literalist) way (inerrancy). The second is sort of a parody of the church (‘the church wrote it, but hardly any of it’s true’; been around since the ‘Enlightenment’ but remained upper-class until the ’60s?). At least one writer’s pointed out that fundamentalism’s just a modern reaction to Modernism. The church fathers weren’t stupid. So no trump card for the nonbelievers. And I forget who first wrote it but: Jesus and the church say, ‘Look me in the eye and decide if I am telling the truth’. Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum. By the way I like Lao Tzu too.
  • Catching up with David Schütz: Judaism and Christianity.
  • An argument against gay state marriage. The deep reason for the reportedly rather inchoate and intemperate wrath of Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien in the face of the proposed alteration in marriage law is no doubt his sense that a supposed “extension” of marriage to gay people in fact removes the right to marry from heterosexual people. So keep the state out of it so everybody’s rights are saved.

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