Thursday, April 12, 2012

From LRC
  • JFK: did the CIA kill this woman for knowing too much? I’m fairly sure it was a coup with two shooters (he and Johnson hated each other; Oswald was an American agent under a Commie cover) but to his credit he really believed in at least one thing, anti-Communism. (Murray Rothbard, smarter than most then, rejected the buildup of the American state in the name of fighting the Red menace, as CIA plant Bill Buckley talked up. Actually a continuation of fascism in the name of anti-fascism in WWII.) So I’m not sure about these claims; sounds like stuff from people who love the wrong side of the ’60s (which Kennedy’s murder supposedly started) and the Kennedy worshippers, sometimes the same people. Maybe, as Joshua hopes, that former America Firster did rediscover his roots, go rogue and end up trying to be a man of peace. They say when a new president comes in, the powers that be show him the uncut Zapruder film: ‘Got it? Good.’ My guess is if President Kennedy lived, history wouldn’t have changed in the long run. His movie-star appeal* and anti-Communism would have got him a landslide in ’64 (I would have voted for Goldwater; a campaign button is on my desk), his government would have made up the Gulf of Tonkin attack, Americans eventually would have turned on him because of the war like they did Johnson, and Humphrey would have lost to Nixon in ’68. By the way I forget who at Takimag proposed it but for scandals let’s use the suffix -quiddick instead of -gate.
  • Incarcerated nation. Jailing Americans for profit. Chart from Daniel Nichols.
  • Neoconservatism’s and National Review’s Trotskyite origin. They still want world revolution so they send our soldiers to invade.
  • The fall of the empire.
  • Looks like the housing market’s done for a generation.
  • Writes Andrew Ward: Things my income taxes go towards: war, gmo subsidies, corporate subsidies, administration, the richest banks in the world, the jerk ticketing or towing my car, the welfare workers, universities espousing the status quo, war, old wealthy retired folk, the IRS agent auditing me, the NSA agent reading this post, the creeps at TSA, the war on natural medicines, regulators targeting small family farms, John Boehner’s orange tan, depleted uranium research, Pentagon propaganda, covert CIA coups overseas, funding dictators, war, a prison for you and me to live in, etc. Things my income taxes don’t go towards: making the world a better place.
  • Gays, on average.
*Long identified with the good ’60s: ‘the Kennedy era’. Not only was he an alpha male, some of his appeal is that he was from a better culture.

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