Monday, April 16, 2012

From LRC
  • WWII: Churchill, Roosevelt and the Faustian bargain. Regular readers know my position. I like the Greatest Generation very much. (Yesterday at Super Sunday in Media, Pa., in front of the old armory/Pa. Veterans’ Museum I’ve been to, I met a fellow who looks a bit like Gene Kelly and was a gunner’s mate 2nd class aboard the Missouri in carrier Task Force 38/58. Told me about two kamikaze crashes and burying literally half of one of the pilots at sea the next day. The surrender ceremony with MacArthur in Tokyo Bay? He was there.) That said, we should have stayed out of it. Let the two big tyrants in Europe knock each other out and make a deal with Japan just like with Red China now. What happened: At a press conference on June 24, 1941, two days after Hitler’s attack, the President stated that “the United States would give all possible aid to Soviet Russia.” That’s the real story of the war not covered in John Wayne propaganda films. Communists like Henry Wallace in the government. We helped the Soviets, worse than the Nazis, win the war.
  • More ‘the sexes are just an idea’ nonsense. Messing with the Swedish language, ironic, as more than one blog has pointed out, because besides safe cars, kit furniture, Europop, socialism and award-winning depressing art films, Sweden’s famous for sexy stars such as Ann-Margret (and a false idea from non-Swedes that the place is full of swingers).
  • 19 stories you aren’t hearing about. Not true of the freak tornadoes. Of course much of the non-news is culture-war crap. As @TAC wrote: Since Obama has adopted the Republican Party’s militarism, continued the Bush-era attack on civil liberties, and instantiated the national version of Romney’s universal healthcare, where else can they draw contrasts? The culture war is all that’s left. Non-stories such as the candidates’ wives’ mommy wars. News: A few weeks ago, Barack Obama signed an executive order that would allow him to take control of all food, all energy, all health resources and all transportation resources. This was an update to an old executive order, but the Obama administration made a change that would allow Barack Obama to do this even in “non-emergency” situations. (Edit for wordiness: non-emergencies. It’s what I do for a living.) Sadly, the talking heads on television were strangely silent about this. A dictator. Hey, look, a distraction! All Trayvon, all the time. That ‘low-rent tragedy’ in Florida as I think Steve Sailer called it: media race-baiting, pushing the myth of modern white-on-black crime. (NBC busted for making things up.) The government divides and conquers the people.

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