Monday, April 09, 2012

From RR
  • Raimondo: Paul should go third-party or independent. You’ve captured the youth vote in practically every contest, while losing among the older set and among hardcore Republican voters. In short, the demographic you do best in winning over is the least likely to be able to vote in a closed Republican primary. I would estimate that roughly two thirds to three quarters of your constituency is outside the ranks of the GOP. In view of these realities, I have a question: What is the endgame? I don’t mind being a Republican locally but have no use for the national party.
  • Let me take a wild-eyed guess: You are unhappy about the rising price of gasoline. I’ll make another guess: You are blaming the wrong people. Most people place the blame on oil companies and ignore the reality. Without government interference, prices would be much lower than they are. How much lower? We will never know until we make separation of business and state an enforced reality.

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