Thursday, April 19, 2012

From RR
  • Trolling for kids. I’m not anti-military but this is largely true, except: In the militarist society in which we live... It’s time we all recognized that the US has been transformed these past few years into a modern-day Sparta. Eyeroll. Lefty hyperventilation. True when there was the draft. There are signs of it, such as the TSA and militarized police (the next to the last time I was pulled over, the officer looked like he was dressed for a SWAT operation; then again the suburb was slightly ghetto). Civil society is being starved by an annual $1 trillion spent on war. Familiar lefty argument: health care not bombs. They trust the same state that bombs Afghanistan with your life. That really means they want to lord it over you and are jealous that someone else can. (The Vietnam War protesters weren’t for peace; they were cheering for the wrong side.) Crony capitalism = fascism = the military-industrial complex; real capitalism = trade with other countries (real internationalism; why do they call us isolationists?) = peace with the military doing its proper job of protection.
  • Mix-matching class and race, or the unfairness of egalitarianism (forcing equal outcomes like affirmative action) and denying the right of freedom of association. (One of Sailer’s points besides racial differences on average is that white liberals sneakily self-segregate too: why they’re so competitive about their kids’ schooling, why Portland, Oregon, is theirs and why Burning Man’s price is so high and it’s hard to get to.)
  • Did the founders expect the courts to declare laws unconstitutional?
  • ‘Weary’ Australia speeds up withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • ‘Catholic’ versus ‘Protestant’ ethics. Pretty good description. Obviously I don’t agree with his conclusion. The big-tent church of everymen and Bad Catholics, not perfectionism like some trad places; the real pre-conciliar church.

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