Friday, April 20, 2012

Good post on the SSPX’s possible reunion with the official church
By Modestinus. In most places I imagine it doesn’t feel like the official church has turned a corner away from Vatican II but around here it does, certainly if you’re looking for it. Like an oil tanker turning, a train stopping, a glacier moving or name the simile, it’s been turning that corner among younger people for about 20 years, speeding up under Pope Benedict (here the Mercedarian friars started running Our Lady of Lourdes, on paper he freed up the old Mass and, best of all, he spread the reform to the whole church by fixing the Novus Ordo in English). I think his strategy is to let Vatican II fade away. I’ll be optimistic here and say it’ll take decades, not centuries. It didn’t take long for V2 to do its harm; it won’t take too long to undo it. That ‘pre-conciliar’ is a living tradition – people from then are still around to make sure the young’uns bringing it back get it right – helps.

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