Saturday, April 14, 2012

Latest rumour: is the SSPX coming back to the official church?
Only Pope Benedict could pull that off. From NLM.

I’ll always credit Archbishop Lefebvre. More than the quasi-independent priests (who also get credit*) who started before him, such as Fr Gommar DePauw, he had the clout not only to keep it going but to get the official church to keep it going.

It’s Not About Latin™ and he wasn’t an extremist. He was fine with the 1965 instructions (I’m not crazy about them) and I understand the Society in Europe does the readings at the altar in the vernacular.

It’s about religious liberty and ecumenism, which rightly understood (not indifferentism) are fine.

If the Novus Ordo were high-churched enough, would I let go of the Tridentine? No. I don’t trust the NO. (A friend has pointed out to me examples of the heretical intent behind parts of it though it’s not heretical. Painful to listen to when you know the background. Bugnini, the Cranmer of the ’60s.) The Tridentine’s the gold standard, the analogue of the Byzantine Rite; Novus is a tolerated experiment in my book (even though it’s what most Roman Riters use; not a problem now in English thanks to this Pope).

*I know they were a contradiction. No bishop, no church.

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