Sunday, April 01, 2012

Palm Sunday: hosanna filio David
  • Passiontide. Last week at Sung Mass the Gloria Patri dropped out of the Asperges (holy-water sprinkling before Mass); Psalm 42/43 drops out of the prep office before Mass (Prayers at the Foot of the Altar) like at Requiems; this week the changing Last Gospel makes a remaining appearance in the ’62 Missal. The gospel’s the very long crucifixion story in Matthew, so the Last Gospel switches from John’s prologue (medieval private priest’s practice the church started to weed out dualist heresy) to the Palm Sunday story (Matthew, from the blessing of the palms before High Mass), the story of the fickle crowd, from ‘hosanna’ to ‘Crucify him!’ and ‘Come down from that cross’.
  • Not pictured: Fr Pasley had one of those big Italian woven palm crosses at his seat.
  • In the lot after Mass. Not my car either.

  • Biblical criticism and the Great Commission.
  • Outdoor procession ends in chaos. Time to better train the altar boys.

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