Saturday, April 07, 2012

St Clement’s epilogue

I’m surprised the outcome’s so good. Years ago many of us thought of course they won’t come into the Catholic Church as a group, like they claimed they wanted, because most of them were gay. Yes but. The parish is still Episcopal for that reason; no surprise. (Same as similar places in England.) Based on that, everything Canon Reid’s now doing makes sense. (He’s always been kind to me.) But almost everyone who made it what I liked – professing belief in the church’s teachings, well-done Tridentine (before Ratz was Pope, trads and places such as Clem’s kept that going) but partly in King James English (you could sort of make a case for Anglo-Catholicism when you had your own like-minded bishops to be a church within a church, nothing to do with the rest of the denomination) – really believed in ‘the Catholic thing’ so one by one they’re now in the church. (Like St Elisabeth’s here about 100 years ago minus the clergy.) Jesus saves. Mary prays. Ratz is our Pope. Gaudeamus.

Hoping Rome OKs for the ordinariates one or more of the old unofficial Anglo-Catholic missals. In the meantime for them, the Pope’s improved English Novus is not bad.

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  1. After stays at St. Paul's and then Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, as of 2021 they're the altar serving crew at St. Mary's, Conshohocken, now the Fraternity of St. Peter's "quasi-parish" in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


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