Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A vote for Cardinal Dolan
John Boyden writes:
Time is having a poll for who should be on their list of most influential people. Cardinal Dolan of New York is getting some support, thanks to the blog world. Take ten seconds and add your vote of support for him. Click here and indicate that he should “definitely” be on the list. There’s not much time; you must vote by this Friday, April 6th.
The man most likely to give Barack Obama fits on the way to Election Day is the newly birettaed Archbishop of New York. Affable, jolly and theatrical, Dolan deploys these genial weapons as the Catholic Church’s point man in the battle against the Obama Administration’s policies on contraception and abortion. The President barely won the Catholic vote in 2008; without an accommodation, Dolan could turn away enough voters to tilt a close election – all with a smile.
Yeah but most Catholics follow secular trends (nothing wrong with voting secular: I do) so chances are he only influences slightly more people than the amen corner of the self-consciously Catholic (the ones Rick Santorum is making a play for), but he deserves support in this fight. But Time’s right; he could swing the election, inadvertently to someone else I’ll never vote for (I’m leaning towards ‘Screw this; I’m staying home again’ this November). It’s about religious liberty, not what non-Catholics think of the church’s teaching.

I tried to cast a vote and was told:
This poll cannot find nonce.

Pedantry: he was the Archbishop of NY before being created a cardinal and all clerics can wear the biretta. They mean the red one cardinals get ceremonially instead of the galero they never actually wore.

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