Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biden, Obama, Romney and gay marriage: ugh
Regular readers know my libertarian line: don’t mind if you do; there’s no such thing as consensual crime. You can define marriage as you like, with the right to be wrong, but if the state does that for you and me, forcing you to go along with somebody’s delusion, that’s a problem. So I agree with the social conservatives that the president’s halting endorsement of gay marriage is a bad thing. Because the people pushing it don’t think individual liberty is good enough. They want to force you and me to believe in it. Something that’s impossible. So, however halfhearted and opportunistic this is (what struck me was Obama’s hemming and hawing and Romney’s wimpy pseudo-con weasel words defending real marriage — ‘that’s my preference’, etc., as if there’s no objective truth), and although it’s still not the law in most places, this shows mainstream politics have gone mad.

Another battle, like the one with the government forcing the church to pay for contraception, between the church (as in Pope Benedict, not old ‘We Are Church’, etc.) and the secular church, the state, which you can say is now at war with the church, not new in Protestant America.

Lord, have mercy.

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