Thursday, May 31, 2012

From RR
  • UK: top court backs Assange extradition to Sweden.
  • For once, good news from Afghanistan: civilian deaths down 36% from last year. Still, get out.
  • NC and (copycat?) KS: culture-wars shark-chum non-stories for the left. An excuse for them to show off how ‘nice’ they are. (The left is a Christian heresy: values such as charity knocked off-kilter.) Name one conservative Christian you’ve met who talks like that or takes this seriously. Me neither. I’m a little scared of Christian leftists like Jim Wallis who defended Pol Pot. (Sort of like idiots with Che posters.) Anyway, religious conservatives shouldn’t give the state power because it will come back to get them (Catholics: look at what all those years voting Dem got you, a government effectively shutting the church down starting with its charitable work).
  • Progress: tool-wielding robots crawl into bodies to do surgery.
  • Wealth creation is not the enemy.
  • Obama’s secret kill list.
  • Yich, Romney. As a TAC writer put it, Bill Clinton’s mendacity and Al Gore’s charm. It’s between Gary Johnson (if he could win, I’d do it; he’s better than the main two), writing in Ron Paul or staying home a second time. Again my prediction: depression + Dinkins effect = he’ll be president.
  • Justin Raimondo on heroes and villains. The military can and should be an honorable profession, and earlier in our storied history it was: that is no longer true. Instead of defending the United States from attack, military recruits in the 21st century are joining a global Praetorian Guard whose mission is to fight wars of conquest. I’m anti-war but pro-troops and pro-Second Amendment.
  • 60 years a rubber stamp. Their Protestantism notwithstanding I more or less like the Queen and what she stands for (duty and other virtues that built an empire) but this writer says: the Monarchy is an ideal fig leaf for the coalition of corporate interests and cultural leftists and unaccountable bureaucracies that is our present ruling class.
  • Bias against telecommuting.

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