Saturday, June 09, 2012

‘The American Orthodox Church of tomorrow’
From 2008. Fr John agreed right away with my main guesses, much smaller (it was small to begin with) and less exclusively ethnic (residual from the convert boomlet 20 years ago). I can hear Modestinus and the Ochlophobist laughing at some of this. To give Father credit I can see ‘sounder and more serious’ like Pope Benedict’s lean, mean, fighting-machine church in a hostile culture. Back to ‘less exclusively ethnic’. Of course everybody should be welcome. Ethnic Orthodox are great. They’re like ethnic Roman Riters with a better liturgy. Easygoing, naturally conservative, not culture-warriors. Ethnic means big family; natural. Father’s reacting to the jurisdictions’ long cheerfully corrupt, good-old-boy MO. OK, fine. I’d rather bishops and priests didn’t embezzle either. But I fear, for what it’s worth, that ‘less ethnic’ and ‘more serious’ will mean fewer nice cultural conservatives and, probably except for the Greeks, who will always be run by the Greeks, the anti-Catholic convert jerks running most of these little jurisdictions. Juridically united? Nah. No problem. Still around in 50 years? Maybe not.

Priestly families (generations) are normal, but my guess is they’re getting smaller like others so at least among Slavic-Americans, where are the native vocations? Again married clergy aren’t a cure-all. Having that doesn’t bring them in.

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