Sunday, June 03, 2012

Black clergy talk sense on gay marriage
They’re as orthodox on this as we are.
People do not know you are gay, unless you tell them. That is unlike being an African-American, which you cannot hide. Your skin pigment is dark or it is not.
Looking at the blowback from electing Obama in California – the black churchgoers who voted for him also voted down some homosexualist proposed law – some wonder if mainstream politics’ leftward lurch on this will break black voters away from the Democrats, and as I’ve wondered here, does homosexualism trump blackness for white liberals? (Or: white liberals don’t really care about blacks but about... other white liberals.)

Of course the libertarian argument is for no marriage amendment; to get the government out of it. But the left doesn’t really want liberty, for gays or anybody else. They want power. Over you.

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