Sunday, June 10, 2012


Absecon, NJ.

South Jersey still has a few Stewart’s-soda drive-ins, grandfathered in (they don’t allow new drive-in restaurants).

Also there: Muscovy ducks.

First saw these caged at a shop (for Italians who want very fresh meat) in South Philly and thought they were something impossible, turkey and duck hybrids. Quacked like they’d just smoked a pack of old Lucky Strikes but maybe that’s because they were South Philly ducks.

Like the randomly crowing roosters but not like the gang of cats who hang out at Historic Smithville when there aren’t many people around, these fellows (maybe one’s a she) seem pretty tame.

Community Day, Clifton Heights, PA.

A James Dean Rebel Without a Cause tribute ’49 Merc.

Also: firemen doing demonstrations.

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