Monday, June 04, 2012

Church and state: don’t bargain with Cthulhu
A hard lesson for a lot of well-meaning churchmen who’ve wanted semi-socialism/statism (as long as it’s for peace and family values: not heretical and superficially appealing) for a long time. Here in America, the bishops have wanted nationalized health care since 1919 and soon forgot the reason for Catholic schools (to stop the government from indoctrinating, in this case protestantizing, Catholic kids) so they have long wanted government funding for them. Take money from the state and the state tells you what to do. Meanwhile, a way Vatican II wrecked the church was it upset the delicate balance of a church mostly of non-pious cultural Catholics (naturally the church isn’t a micromanaging cult like some trad groups want to be) so they assimilated, slinking off to join the enemy (from classic Bad Catholics like the veep to snakes like the Kennedys always were to Sebelius for example).

Again the left doesn’t really want liberty even for the people they say they care so much about.


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