Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cracked debunks medical myths
  • Most heart attacks don’t hurt.
  • Go ahead and dope up to get rid of all those cold symptoms. In fact, the cold virus is actually mostly harmless, except for the fact that it causes your immune system to go bananas. The symptoms we associate with the cold are just your immune system flailing at a tiny virus that wasn’t going to hurt you either way. Which is why allergies are so similar. Same thing. So if you boost your immune system to prevent colds, joke’s on you.
  • Stomach viruses are not the flu.
  • Nothing about a concussion interferes with your ability to sleep or wake up. Presumably, this myth was started by people who are unable to differentiate between victims of head trauma and people who are black-out drunk, aka other people who are black-out drunk.
  • The term “cancer” refers to over 200 completely different diseases.

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