Tuesday, June 05, 2012

From LRC
  • Why we won’t transform the Republican Party. When things didn’t go the way the pro-Romney leadership wanted them to go, they simply created a new GOP to replace the old one.
  • Syria’s insurrection is not America’s war. It’s a sectarian war because ruler Assad belongs to something not really Muslim, sort of like Mormons are to Christians.
  • For years, the macroeconomists told us the current depression wasn’t even possible.
  • Goodbye, good men. Reminds me of the conversations with the Anti-Gnostic here about the feminization and homosexualization of the military so it’s not The Sands of Iwo Jima anymore but private companies doing the real fighting. From talking to some retired military, who approved (not our resident naval officer), I’ve seen it: the military is the government so it’s much more PC than you think. Flirting With Disaster author Brian Mitchell, whom I’ve heard in person, quit the Regular Army (he’s a West Pointer) over it and said, in the ’90s, that the generals and admirals knew it was wrecking the military but couldn’t say anything. Anyway, Roissy (a ‘so-trad’ beneath the raunch) answers such well-meant white-knight moralizing from so-cons: porn and video-game addictions are symptoms of the cultural problems Roissy describes, not the problems, or with the deck stacked against them, no wonder young men drop out.

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