Thursday, June 28, 2012

From RR
  • Do we need an empire to be safe?
  • The abdication of adults. The real story of the Greece, NY bus outrage is not the old news that 13-year-olds are often monsters but, as I wrote earlier, that the victim and bus driver, both adults, did nothing to stop it. Well-meant crap like No Place for Hate™ is worthless. (Again, if anything it would cause a backlash from the kids.) Those little brats need the ‘board of education’ or a British rattan cane (the discipline that honed natural talent, which built an empire). One to three strapping men are the only ‘Bullying and Violence Response Team’ you need. (The whiny psychologizing is Christian ethics without Christ so it’s emasculated.)
  • Is college an economic imperative? As Paul Fussell pointed out 30 years ago, only about 14% of people are cut out for college.
  • Why the Obamacare ruling will matter.

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