Monday, June 25, 2012

From RR
  • Moody’s downgrades 15 major banks.
  • Even Jerry Sandusky deserves a fair lawyer. I watched with utter amazement, disgust and disbelief after the verdict last week as Jerry Sandusky’s lead attorney, Joe Amendola, violated, within just a few minutes of TV time, virtually every solemn professional obligation a lawyer owes to his client. Again, so much worship of sports is how Sandusky got away with it for so long, and I’ve come around on Paterno. I feel a little bad for him but, as Elena Maria Vidal said, he was God in the town of State College because of that cult of sports. No matter his place on paper in the chain of command, he had the actual power to stop it, and didn’t. God have mercy on him.
  • In praise of consumerism.
  • Welcome, immigrants. Conservatives ... proudly champion family values. As such, conservatives especially should welcome immigrants to America – each one of whom, on average, sends annually to his or her family back home roughly $1,600. (These “remittances,” totaling in 2010 $51.6 billion, are about 25 percent larger than Uncle Sam’s foreign-aid budget.) People who care so deeply for their families – and who, contrary to myth, come to America overwhelmingly to work – surely should be applauded for dedication rather than apprehended for deportation.

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