Friday, June 08, 2012

From Steve Sailer
  • A subject I’m very interested in as I’ve turned it into a livelihood, not a lucrative one right now but one nonetheless: verbal skills or the English often are better at English, fittingly. (Americans often think that’s for sissies, and macho guys famously don’t say or write a lot, but the Brits built an empire before Americans did.) Sounds like I should have gone into non-math tech a long time ago. As newspapers die thanks to the Internet (as old-school as I am, I wouldn’t pay 50-75 cents a copy for old news; they’re still around because selling print ads still makes money short-term, and nobody in the news biz knows how to make a buck off the Web), the writers are getting worse since the good people, such as well-spoken kids out of college, don’t do that work anymore. I remember when some did. It’s not worth it now. I often edit people trying to sound smart, so there are lots of tries at ten-cent words and in doing so taking a pratfall. I weed that out so readers don’t see it.
  • Epheb-, epheb-, epheb-, gay.
  • The gay mafia’s defense is a good offense. Gay Liberation unleashed a number of Big Gay Screw-Ups, such as AIDS and the Catholic Church scandals. But rather than admit that, it was much easier emotionally to just go on the offensive over some random issue like gay marriage.
  • It’s on Sailer’s mind. By the way, the generally accepted storyline is that the war over gay marriage is between a powerless, marginalized, oppressed minority and the well-organized, oppressive majority. An alternative conception is that converts to the cause of gay marriage tend to be the folks who know which way the wind is blowing and sense it is prudent to pay tribute to the rise of gay power by aligning themselves with the better organized side, while the opponents of gay marriage tend to be yokels who don’t have a clue about how things really work.
  • One good thing I can say about the next election. The only good thing about the last big one is Americans showed they’re at heart good and fair by not voting against someone because of race. I think Sailer will be proved right and voters will be big enough to vote the president out in spite of race-hustling. (I didn’t include myself because either I’ll stay home for the second time or I know my vote, for Gary Johnson or written in for Ron Paul, wouldn’t matter.)
  • One of Sailer’s points is real, unforced diversity before ‘diversity’: before the government and society tried to be charitable, there actually were more non-white tennis and golf stars.
  • Chinese parents didn’t know ‘urban’ is American code.

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