Monday, June 25, 2012

From Takimag
  • Romney’s Russophobia. The Western media has hailed the color revolutions as a blossoming of democracy in former Soviet states. The Russians [rightly] perceive them as hostile American interference in their local affairs.
  • Here’s to Ian Smith. Merit not race.
  • Pat Buchanan on the crack-up of the right. Ethnic and/or credal nation? Anglo-Americans should be proud of their achievements. But a credal nation is about liberty: play by our rules and you are welcome. Of course I see the connection between a civic religion and liberals/neocons as its evangelists, but I don’t buy that a credal nation inevitably causes jingoism/interventionism.
  • Ways things are getting better. In the comments:
    In 1969, we were a society of flower children, rioting minorities, and crazy ladies.
    No, we weren’t. I agree with Steve Sailer that this stuff wasn’t mainstream middle-class and lower until after about 1972. Before that, it was mostly an affectation of the rich (except the race riots).
    For some bizarre reason, when people describe the sixties, those who weren’t there think our neighborhoods were jammed with gaudy, barefooted adult-children dancing in the streets while flying high on some herb grown to make one dizzy and hungry.

    The vast majority of those kiddies were the spawn of parents, members of ”the greatest generation”, who threw money at their kids in order to keep them quiet and out of the way.

    Then again, a lot of these self-absorbed former “flower children” are leading the country now in political office.

    Confirming the time frame is one Mike Shropshire, in his book
    Seasons In Hell (about his stint as the beat reporter covering baseball’s Texas Rangers for one of the Dallas papers in 1973-1974). He notes that while the general impression is that hippie-hippery was in full bloom in 1968, such actually wasn’t the case until about 1973 [on par w/ Sailer]. Just compare high-school yearbooks from ’68 and ’73.

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