Friday, June 22, 2012

The Greece, NY school-bus outrage
Where are the teachers and parents? Is this what ‘free to be’ child-rearing has wrought? (Yes. Lord of the Flies. Original sin and concupiscence, remember?) Pretty obviously PC moralizing (Christian ethics cut off from Christ) like No Place for Hate™ doesn’t work. If anything you’ll get a backlash. Unsurprisingly it seems to me the right approach is old-school. A commenter at Takimag: with kid-to-kid bullying, look the other way a little bit, then severely punish if they cross the line. Sassing an adult? Crack down hard immediately. (An outnumbered Karen Klein reports it to the principal, who punishes the kids and reports the wrongdoing to the parents.) As much as I don’t like the idea of corporal punishment, I think a paddling (British caning, now outlawed like in the States) from the principal would teach those boys some manners.

Dreher broke the story to me; the link is from Joshua. Dreher’s line: right, send your kids to public schools to socialize them!

By the way, old-school discipline wasn’t just by traditional nuns. All schools did it.

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