Thursday, June 14, 2012

Me on Rand Paul
If we in the liberty movement, such as it is, fell for this, even if Rand were VP, we’d be no better than the Tea Party, a sock puppet for the GOP. Well-meaning so-cons are trying to rally me to vote against the great Satan but ‘Usher! I’ve seen this picture before’. (I’d welcome a Bill ‘Surplus’ Clinton, the best functionally conservative president in recent history thanks to a hostile Congress.) It’s still between Gary Johnson (I’d do it if he could win; he’s better than the Dems and GOP), writing in Ron or staying home again (my second time).

I can agree with ‘better a dick who doesn’t care about you than a man and his following who hate everything you stand for’. But the last time I voted that way, against the culture-wars enemy du jour, we got a man who invaded Iraq so we’re paying $3.50+ for gas when it was $1.40-$1.50 before. So the dick won’t get my vote.

Anyway he doesn’t need my help. The Dinkins effect (white voters feel like they’ve done their duty and will move on) and blame for the depression will do the trick.

Never mind what Republicans say; watch what they do.

Finally, thank you to those who were paying attention so they knew Rand would do this and reminded me.

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