Sunday, June 17, 2012

My take on Bradley Manning
I’m anti-war but if anything pro-military/not a pacifist. I understand the reason for military secrets in order for the military to do its proper job of protecting us. If Manning’s a whistleblower, then the same thing applies to him as to principled deserters (‘I’m not going back to ___ to kill for no good reason’). They’re heroes and part of that heroism is taking the punishment (jail and a bad discharge, not the alleged torture Manning’s gone through) the military must give out to keep its discipline in order to do its job. You signed a contract so if you disobey an order, you pay.

By the way, an ex-serviceman who took a mild version of that route (bad discharge but no jail) after being deployed wrote in LRC that the bad discharge didn’t ruin his life (‘you’ll never get a job’) like the military threatened it would.

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