Saturday, June 16, 2012

Newspapers are dying

Dreher writes that the New Orleans Times-Picayune fired at least a third of its staff one day recently. The only use I have for the paper is as something to read (if I don’t have a book) if I’m waiting for/on a train or at the lunch counter (reading one left behind or the store’s copy). Of course people don’t pay anymore to read old news (on pages designed and written worse as the biz deathspirals) when they have iPhones etc. (I don’t have that. But you knew that.) Meanwhile nobody in news knows how to make money off the Web.

Used to know a couple who met at the Philadelphia Bulletin 60 years ago (an evening paper; TV eventually killed it 30 years ago), and a fellow who used to own a weekly (they’re dying faster than dailies of course), his Catholic family’s business; I used to talk to him on his walks around town.

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