Saturday, June 02, 2012

A sound nun is now America’s Catholic-schools boss

An overlooked story: another sign the American church is on course with Pope Benedict’s reforms, getting over/ignoring/eventually dumping Vatican II. While the mainstream press is cheering the old orders’ old nuns, who are getting from Rome only a taste of what they deserve, GetReligion noticed this. V2’s damage is probably done so Catholic schools aren’t nearly what they used to be (fewer kids and far fewer nuns mean lots of closings; both the parish I live in and the one I go to recently lost their schools), so this story isn’t that big, but it’s still a milestone.

I agree with a commenter a while back that the damage to American Catholicism is still there but things like this and my recent visit to a school, run by an old order having guitar Masses but all those lib priests are old and have to use ‘and with your spirit’, ‘consubstantial’ and ‘for many’, or else, show me the libs lost. God’s not on their side. Catholics won. A smaller church but a true one.

It’s not because the Pope simply said so but because he’s Catholic.

A nice next step would be having the world’s trads under Cardinal Fellay.

Fun fact: most teaching nuns aren’t really nuns! Never were. They’re ‘sisters’. The distinction is a nun isn’t allowed to own anything personally; sisters are. In practice it means sisters do good works in the world like nurse or teach, while nuns are women monks whose main job is praying the office while living as communities. Sisters were given the privilege of wearing habits like nuns so they get called nuns.

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