Sunday, June 17, 2012

  • Mass: Cogitationes cordis ejus in generatione et generationem. The External Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: in short, God loves you.
  • The second quotation in the epistle fits American Father’s Day: Ephesians 3:14-19.
  • Somebody writes: what’s wrong with the ordinariate. Or if I like it so much, why aren’t I in it? Short answer: because here I don’t need it. Got a Sung Mass every week (my only official tie to the institutional church) with a top-notch, high-church classical-music program. The ordinariate is for 1) Anglo-Catholic alumni who don’t have that (they’re stuck in a liberal diocese of ’70s AmChurch), or 2) married ex-Anglican priests who have long wanted to be Catholic priests (the reason for the British ordinariate), and/or 3) people who are attached to BCP prayers on Sunday (most American ACs). I’m none of those. Basically, most coming in were would-be Catholics for a long time so they weren’t Prayer Booky, except the Americans. The American ordinariate now – Mount Calvary, Baltimore, with its approximation of the American Missal (of course I hope that ordinariate gets to use that missal) – illustrates 1) It’s Not About Latin™ (yeah, I worship in Latin but am all for a vernacular traditional Mass as an option) and 2) even though Cranmer was a heretic, his beautiful prose can work with Catholic worship because he kept the church’s general worldview. I have no jones for the BCP (and its Articles); besides I have Winfred Douglas’ Diurnal: in the best AC tradition, using the BCP idiom but not the BCP. Episcopal hymns (we have them: processional and recessional), Cranmer’s prose and the Canon aloud would have freaked out most of our people in 1960 almost as much as a woman priest: ‘this isn’t home’. Still, a road trip to Fr Catania’s place (Baltimore’s Newest Catholic Church™, founded in 1842) is on my list.
  • Still waiting for the Rome/SSPX outcome. You already know what I want: let’s (all Tridentiners) be a personal prelature under Cardinal Fellay. Thanking Archbishop Lefebvre posthumously.
  • Has the church’s re-Catholicization turned Hans Küng into a liberal sedevacantist? Word is he’s so mad at Benedict for reconciling with the SSPX he’s declared the see of Peter vacant. If so, hahahahahaha! Also, it shows the libs believe in and want a cartoon version of papal authority where, like a mainline denomination, the Pope can order any change. Not so: he’s only tradition’s caretaker. Pius IX: ‘I can’t. I’m only the Pope.’
  • Come home, St Anthony’s. You were founded to be a Catholic parish. Even if your flying bishop believes the creeds and doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage, you never belonged with the Episcopalians. All you wanted was a church you could walk to and do your devotions in peace. Sant’ Antonio da Padova, prega per noi. His feast was on Wednesday.

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