Monday, June 25, 2012

A Tea Party at its best

Quick Facts about Tea Parties

By the General Wayne Tea Party

Tea Parties are directed or supported by certain groups or wealthy individuals.
No. Tea Parties have a strong streak of independence and would be wary of anyone outside of their local group who wishes to exert influence. As for financial support, it consists of whatever our members choose to drop into the coffee can at our monthly meetings. Some groups are successful at fundraising events but most operate on thin budgets.

Tea Parties were established because of Obama’s election.
No! The uncontrolled spending of the final years of the Bush administration really set the stage. The final straw came when Americans saw how the new administration is so committed to redistribution, the forcible purchase of health insurance, and even far more destructive spending. It only took a spontaneous remark by a financial expert on TV to ignite people around the country to independently form Tea Parties, beginning in early 2009.

Tea Parties are an arm of the Republican Party, and are racist.
No and no. We’ve witnessed how the Republican Party behaved in years past, ignoring common-sense policies. Most of our members are very independent in their outlook, with concerns about both parties. In a heavily Democratic section of Philadelphia, a recently formed Tea Party is largely composed of Democrats. And a Tea Party in Delaware County has recently praised a Democratic candidate for a vital county office. We meet with representatives of both parties; they’ve spoken at our meetings and will do so again in the future.

As for the racism smears, we welcome all races, and our minority-outreach program currently has three minorities as advisers; some have participated in our meetings. At our public rallies, we find increasing numbers of black Americans showing agreement with our signs. In St. Louis, black Americans have formed a national group that espouses Tea Party principles,

People do not like Tea Parties – and we’re anti-government.
By careful count at the weekly rallies held by our own Tea Party in King of Prussia, members of the public who notice our signs signify their agreement at the rate of about 20-25 to 1 in our favor. When the rallies began over two years ago, that ratio was six or eight to one in our favor. You’re invited to attend and observe for yourself.

We’re not anti-government and do not judge government in black-and-white terms; constitutionally-defined functions are properly the role of government. But the power and intrusiveness of government are far out of control. Evidence? With the near-collapse of GM, government violated the rights of bondholders, awarding GM stock to its partisan voter base. It tried to stop Boeing from opening a new plant in order, once again, to favor its radical voter base. And employers across the country are outraged at how they’re being crippled by OSHA, EPA and other bureaucrats, as well as Obamacare. At local levels, we regularly read of little girls’ lemonade stands being shut down by officials. Finally, we reject being bullied to buy health insurance, and we strongly oppose the government assault on religious freedom.

Resistance to government coercion is a hallmark of Americans since before the founding of our republic. We proudly and vigorously uphold that tradition. We’re probably the first mass movement in U.S. history that doesn’t want to get something from government. Instead, we seek to undo the unhealthy control and dependency that big government has been imposing on citizens, institutions, business and industry.

Tea Parties are responsible for the credit downgrade of the U.S.
This is one of more laughable charges leveled against us. For those not aware of it, the downgrade is the result of irresponsible spending by elected politicians who knew but didn’t care that the country could not deliver on what they’d promised, and by the collusion of elected representatives, corrupt government-sponsored enterprises – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – and corrupt private financial institutions that led to the destruction of the housing and credit market and the near-collapse of the economy in 2008.

What is the Tea Party position on gay marriage and abortion? Don’t Tea Parties push religion? And what about immigration?
The first two issues are divisive and are outside the scope of what Tea Parties are about. This does not mean that individual members don’t hold opinions about them. As for religion, our group includes Christians, Jews, agnostics and atheists. The total extent of our religious activities is a short prayer after the Pledge of Allegiance with which we open our meetings.

We’re very welcoming of legal immigrants and have several in our group, namely from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. The U.S. accepts more than 1.2 million legal immigrants each year, more than the rest of the world combined.

What is the “mission” of the Tea Party?
Elect legislators with a working grasp of, and respect for, what makes our economy work, people who are committed to sound economic policies. Those responsible for out-of-control spending must be voted out.

Support a government that respects those who work and create jobs, that doesn’t view businesses simply as milk cows, and taxpayers as sheep to be fleeced.

Regulatory agencies are wildly out of control and are killing jobs. We must impose sensible limits.

Our free-market system is under general assault by big-state radicals who have been turning America into a socialist-style “redistribution” society. We must reduce the size of government and elect people who respect our Constitution, private property and the free-market principles our country was founded on.

Who belongs to your Tea Party, and how big is it?
Our members include: builder; manufacturer; marketing professional; insurance executive; mechanical contractor; office worker; computer specialist; medical doctor; financial adviser; retiree; unemployed; nurse; teacher; architect; salesman; saleswoman; teacher; pharmaceutical worker; retired general manager of a health-care system; accountant; and many others.
We number about 200 people, mostly from within 12 miles of King of Prussia, covering Montgomery and Chester counties. Other Tea Parties in this region range in size from 15 to nearly 2,000. And there are individuals and groups, not Tea Parties, who advocate for smaller government, adherence to our Constitution, and other ideas similar to ours.

What do members actually do?
Partial list: Monitor performance of elected representatives; research issues such as health care and regulations; engage in minority outreach; set up meetings with elected leaders and government officials; attend classes on the Constitution; get out the vote activities; oppose the UN’s Agenda 21/Sustainable Development intrusions within our townships; serve as precinct committeepersons; deal with a generally hostile news media; conduct public awareness activities; serve on school boards.

If you wish to learn more about us, please attend our monthly meetings, usually on the first Tuesday of every month at Michael’s Deli, Valley Forge Shopping Center, 130 Town Center Road off DeKalb Pike, Route 202, King of Prussia, 6 to 8 p.m. You are always welcome to speak up. Give us your e-mail and we’ll alert you of each meeting.
Government is not reason, it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
– George Washington

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