Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From LRC
  • Cut ‘defense’ spending 75%. Like Truman. Anti-war. Pro-military.
  • 10 ways honesty makes you more money.
  • ‘I’m Mitt Romney, bitches, and I’m all you got left.’ Get past Esquire’s predictable lefty intro and this is rather funny, even though some of it’s just envy. (The description of Murdoch cracked me up.) The Dinkins effect and blame for the depression will sink the Big Zero; all Romney’s got to do is sit back and wait. President Romney will be business as usual from a typical Rockefellerish Republican, someone who doesn’t care about you or your Christian values as opposed to somebody who hates our guts. Obama the great Satan du jour (again really just a mediocrity who brought his cronies to DC with him and really likes insurance companies for some reason) isn’t enough to scare me to vote for this turkey. The great Satan in ’96 (me: Buchanan, primary; Dole, election; went libertarian for good shortly after ’00), whom good-hearted culture warriors feared, was caged by a hostile Congress and willing to make a deal so he was the best functionally conservative president in memory, surpluses and all.
  • What we are witnessing today is the Republican Party — and ‘conservatism’ generally — in its death rattle. Fifty years ago, these elements could still make a pretense of supporting liberty, free markets, and individualism by opposing the Soviet Union. But now that this “menace” is gone, these people have no philosophically principled base upon which to stand. They now worship state power as an end in itself, and those who — like Ron Paul and his supporters — favor peace, liberty, and the end of corporate-state machinations of the economy as well as the expanded police state, must not be heard.
  • The cat’s out of the bag: ‘human rights’ just an excuse for power grabs.
  • Regime change in Romania. I didn’t know about this: While serving as a NATO commander during the conflict in Kosovo, Clark hit the headlines when the commander of the British forces disobeyed his order to open fire on Russian forces massed in front of Pristina. “I am not going to start World War III,” said the British commander. Wesley Clark was removed from the NATO command before the end of his mandate. Soldiers obey orders and have to pay the price when they don’t but like all such who do so on principle (no Nuremberg excuse), that commander’s a hero.
  • Blessed Franz Jägerstätter.
  • Mapping nature’s danger zones. Why I have WeatherBug even though they say it’s spyware. I’m not safe from tornadoes; it’ll warn me long before the TV does. The way to my basement is outdoors so I need lead time.

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