Monday, July 09, 2012

From Rod Dreher
  • The downside of liberty. Another take on how the Sixties* ruined everything: “Do your own thing” is not so different than “every man for himself.” I hope more learned libertarians come up with a rebuttal but good point. Why everybody from the church (echoes of Mark in Spokane) to its ripoff, the well-meaning left, fears liberty. (The left really wants power though.) But I’m not giving up on it. *Early ’70s. The Sixties were nothing to do with most people in the ’60s.
  • American Christianity is in bad shape. It’s easy to gloat about the silly mainline taking itself down the drain but things are bad all over. The only reason our numbers are still up is Mexican immigration. My own parish, the showplace of Pope Benedict’s renewal in the western half of the city, just lost its school and thus its nuns (who were moved to another city to run another school) as white cultural Catholicism dies off. (Vatican II: Americanizing by mimicking the mainline’s mistakes. In 1960 we were already Americanized without selling out.) Harold Bloom would point out that the heresy of American evangelicalism (and I’m not joining the well-off lefties who look down on these people) is a form of the American religion, which besides orthodoxy and morals explains its success.

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