Saturday, July 07, 2012

LRC picks
RR is either on a break or broke
  • Libertarianism doesn’t have to be anti-religious. The non-aggression principle is the golden rule: it’s not pacifism; it means not starting fights.
  • Afghanistan as US protectorate. Maybe. On paper. I understand the Afghans are unconquerable as the Soviets found out.
  • Rand Paul as just another politician. How about, instead of profiling Middle Easterners (some say Bush being nice giving them a break made 9/11 possible), we mind our own business, staying out of those countries, and thus don’t piss them off? Individual liberty and peace; we’d have the high ground and be safe.
  • New Jack City tells the truth about the war on drugs.
  • The most corrupt presidential election. 1960 was pretty bad (cool but of course wrong and bad for us in the long run: the image that Catholics are mobbed up like Kennedy was) but look at 1940 for real malfeasance. (1972: big whoop. Nixon tried it because Kennedy got away with it.) A sock-puppet opponent, and national sovereignty and security betrayed to foreign governments. James Bond is partly based on British agents of both sexes literally seducing key Americans to turn them on breaking neutrality and going to war, Roosevelt (unlike Franco) did nothing to help European Jews/the war was nothing to do with them, and the real story of the war is we were duped into helping the Soviets win. People worse than the Nazis (who didn’t try to invade here; they didn’t want to and knew they couldn’t). I love the Greatest Generation but the truth wasn’t the stuff of John Wayne movies. America first!
  • Oil-change co-pays. Expanding the health-care argument to cars.
  • Grammar quiz. Easy ego boost. I’m a copy editor who’s lived on both sides of the Atlantic so that was cake. 5 has two possible answers, one universal, the other British. As newspapers die, the worse their writing gets; kids have better places to go and the literate must be trying to get into law school or something instead.
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