Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Margaret on ‘healthy eating’ showoffs
Manufactured outrage/concern trolling. Only a lefty would cry over foie gras but be fine with abortion. Anyway:
When one considers the hunger in the world today and what some of our parents and grandparents endured in 20th-century Europe, it should be a whipping offence to refuse to eat eggs or run screeching from a fried potato on the say-so of some soi-disant guru.

The only evil thing about butter or milk is what’s done to the animals in the production of it. Ditto just about everthing else – the production of it takes land (and therefore food) from the poor or it condemns one of God’s creatures to a life of misery. Once it’s on your plate eat it and be grateful. And if you can’t be grateful eat it and be quiet.

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