Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Week with Marilyn

Entertaining and, at least according to its source, true. Apparently she really was crazy, thus a pain to work with (why she was fired from her last movie); I like Branagh as Olivier (funny because he famously remade Henry V). Nice to get away from the American period clichés (except, of course, Marilyn) and see Britain in the ’50s, still WASP smarts and character but poorer from WWII and the empire’s headquarters moving west to the old colonies (so Britain was Airstrip One). But an image many Americans keep, as Cracked pointed out, thanks to ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ and much else, that it’s a pre-modern (quaint) country (except for punk rockers, another dated image).

I watch last year’s movies through Netflix. Not worth paying so much to see the latest, much of which isn’t worth seeing of course. I only wish I’d seen Red Tails on the big screen because, propagandizing and stereotypes (noble black supermen and nasty whites) aside, it was the ’40s, and you’ve got to see flight scenes that way.

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