Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Oxford Movement at 179
Something that began with a principle like one of the Catholic Church’s, claiming that the Church of England was of divine origin, not just a tool of the state (objecting to the government closing some dioceses*), more or less followed the Catholic Church’s lead for most of its history (not so much at first; the Tractarians disagreed with the papacy and weren’t interested in ceremonial) and has ended up in two main ways, one, mainliners with more Catholic trappings than most, and two, what many Anglo-Catholics said they were or wanted to be and were often taken to be, part of the church, with two purposes, the American liturgical conservatives showing that traditionalism’s Not About Latin™, and married ex-Anglican priests becoming Catholic priests showing that clerical celibacy’s just a rule, since many Westerners don’t know about the Eastern churches with their married priests.

Interestingly you can claim the old high churchmen were more ‘conservative’ than the church, afraid the Pope would use his claimed authority to break with tradition including scripture. He didn’t (he can’t) but their denomination did (on royal/state command and later by vote).

*Because Catholic emancipation resulted in the government sensibly no longer propping up a denomination the Irish didn’t join. Ironically a movement that started as a reaction against a result of liberating Catholics, defending the established church, ended up, until relatively recently when it went liberal with that denomination, copying the Catholic Church.

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