Sunday, July 22, 2012


Turnersville, NJ:

’51 Pontiac.

Postwar cars didn’t change much from prewar until around 1954.

Fine design.

Nifty Fifty’s: good food and not bad for fake ’50s (including the early ’60s, which it’s most like).

Of course I think about the ’50s versus the Fifties (fake ’50s, infamous for its bad quality: yes, I’m talking to you, Garry Marshall; it’s much better since ‘Mad Men’ raised the bar).

Just saw American Graffiti* (to be young and well-off in California) and Great Balls of Fire! (great music by the man himself, who’s still with us, but a miscast lead – Dennis Quaid played Jerry Lee Lewis as a big goof – some awful crowd scenes like Grease, all leather jackets and poodle skirts, and other ham-handed scenes with cool blacks – some of that worked – and rants against the devil’s music; young Alec Baldwin did a better job than Quaid as Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee’s cousin).

Of course the Fifties dramatize only part of the story.

My PA mugshot:

Drexel Hill, PA:

‘Want highlights? Watch the news!

Mount Holly, NJ:


By the way, Andy Warhol was actually a sound Catholic who didn’t wear his faith on his sleeve, and liked traditional art (no pop art in his home). He was ‘as wise as serpents’ making millions off sucker art.

Merchantville, NJ:

Meeting almost movie stars:

Black ’51 Merc, close to James Dean’s ’49 in Rebel Without a Cause.

’57 Plymouth Fury. Looks familiar. (Christine’s a customized ’58.)

’60 Bel Air and ’61 Impalas:

East LA-style lowriders.

Donna’s just jealous.

This one’s for sale.

Elvis impersonator Mark Reno.

At home:

Azzie. Looks like Morris possessed. He has never been abused. Insane but not a bad guy.

*Mel’s was real, reopened for filming. Crying shame it was torn down afterwards. The white ’58 Impala sold for only a few hundred dollars when they were done with it. Alas.

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