Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So the Dems are endorsing gay marriage
Or they have taken leave of reality/the human race. What does that really mean? Culture-wars shark chum and rallying point for the left. Like commenter here Jim C. I don’t think it will swing the election. Homosexuals are too small, about 3% of the population, to be a swing vote, and among them only some want to be ‘married’. ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ and the Dinkins effect (you can guilt most white voters only once) will coast Romney into the White House.

Sure, it’s the Dems’/Obama’s f*ck-you to what used to be party pillars, white Catholic workers, the Jack Murthas and the fine folk who became the Reagan Democrats, and old hardscrabble Southerners. (All of whom WASP liberal/black wannabe Obama probably hates.) So the Republicans of course will try to play this, hoping for another Southern Strategy and more Reagan Democrats. But do those people still exist, at least in numbers big enough to matter in an election? Or aren’t most remaining such, thinking they have nowhere to go, already Republicans so there’ll be no gain? Or has America’s center shifted as leftward as Obama might think? An underclass now fatherless, on welfare, having had a few abortions and getting its views from the mainstream media so they mouth support for this thing?

Black support for Obama is almost unanimous (95%); a given. (Even though he’s not really one of them.) He can afford to take it for granted, despite the black churchgoers who supported Prop 8 in California four years ago.

I’d like to think common-sense Middle America still exists as Mark Shea describes how it would react to the Chick-fil-A culture battle.

(Commenter at Sailer’s: don’t like Chick-fil-A? Open your own restaurant and call it D*ck-fil-A.)

Again, my guesses are Obama’s rallying his base for some reason (because he knows he’ll lose?), and the Middle America we knew has shrunk and is now already Republican, so this won’t make a difference.

And can traditionally/habitually Democratic Catholics stay, arguing that this plank is only pro-liberty (see Shea again) and besides, look at all the good, which agrees with Catholic social teaching™*, the party’s government programs try to do? I’ll say no. It’s not about liberty but power; the social conservatives are right. The gay activists don’t just want to pretend to be married and be left in peace; they want to literally force you/your religion to play along, like this Protestant country wants to force the church to pay through insurance for contraception. And if you go along with abortion as part of the package, you’re rationalizing killing people.

So GTFO of the Democratic Party. But the Republicans aren’t our friends either, nationally. Except of course for Ron Paul.

I don’t hate those voting for Romney because of the contraception battle: better a jerk who doesn’t care about you than one who hates everything you stand for. But I’m not going along.

*Something churchmen right and left like: a sanctified welfare state, not necessarily with a state church anymore, that can take any form, from a king to socialism, and promotes peace and family values (it’s against abortion), both of which are grounded in doctrine.

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