Thursday, July 26, 2012

The road less travelled: Anglo-Catholics who consider converting to Orthodoxy
An Orthodox deacon is doing this survey for his thesis. The Western Rite experiment is and will remain tiny, in an already small church, but AC-to-Orthodox is more plausible than it seems. The old high churchmen were in a way theologically more ‘conservative’ than the church, like the Orthodox; afraid the Pope would use his power to change the faith once delivered (which they saw idiosyncratically as only the first five centuries of the church; I don’t know why). Which of course didn’t happen; their own denomination does that by decree or vote. American Anglo-Catholics (rare among Episcopalians), even though they became wonderfully Tridentine ceremonially, continued this kind of thinking so they weren’t that Roman Catholic-oriented. That’s why the Continuing Churches are American, not British.

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