Sunday, July 15, 2012

John Boyden writes:

I Googled recently “How much is a trillion?” to get perspective on it with some interesting results. Third in the Google list was this article by NPR from February 2008, and it tries to put then-President Bush’s budget proposal of $3.1 trillion in perspective as well. I think the criticism of Bush is implied by NPR here.

And rightly so, I’d imagine. It’s a massive amount of money. What’s interesting, however, is how NPR doesn’t have the same criticism towards Obama. It’s a different story then. Kind of like Cindy Sheehan: once your criticisms are no longer limited to bad guy (Bush), then it’s off with you. Once the poster child of criticism of Bush, she disappeared after she showed herself consistent in her method.

I remember Nancy Pelosi giving a press conference in front of a DC gas station to excoriate Bush for the exorbitant price of gas at that time. The price listed on the sign behind her? $3.19 a gallon. Before it dropped to a record low, gas was over $3 a gallon for only about six months of Bush’s term. For Obama, it’s been over $3 for the last 2+ years.

Again, I’m not a fan of Bush, but the double standard makes one’s head swim.

Similarly, regarding the post about Cheney supporting torture: my friends in DC who teach at the War College and represent the US in central Asia (and, if anything, lean slightly to the left and, I believe, voted for Obama) told me the incidence of torture on detainees since Bush left office has at least tripled. But you don’t get that coverage by any of the mainstream media. If it were a Republican president in office doing even half of what Obama is doing/permitting now, there would be outright revolution.

It’s gotten considerably worse in the last 3.5 years, in every area that Bush was criticized, yet the protesters are curiously absent during this regime and our “unbiased” media have nothing to criticize.

One doesn’t have to be a supporter of the left or right to see a slant that rivals the government-controlled media in the former USSR.

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